Month: December 2010

“SOON” sold.

“SOON” will travel to Paris…soon, to join the STEFANA ATLAS collection.

…speaking of “soon”….its real Latin name is “NUNC”.Why Latin for titles? It seems to me that  in the modern Tower of Babel we inhabit,Latin remains the cultural root, our common cultural skeleton.I don’t remember it any longer but it sounds right when I hear it.( “Spectaculum Urbis” <The Show of the City…”Cena”< The Dinner>…”Prandium”…)


or see the abbreviated gallery below:

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April Comes in May ( work in progress )

“April Comes in May”, front view of the wood panels ( oil, casein and aluminum paint, approx. total size 20″ x 30″).I am working on supports embracing the lower part of each panel so that they could be mounted on posts on a base and turned around individually or all three.