2013 Revisited

These are the pieces I continued to work on this year:

Lacrima Nautae I. (A Sailor’s Tear I).

Yes, finished. Oil on canvas / 48in. x 48in. 122cm X 122cm

LacrimaNautae_1 copy



Lacrima Nautae II. (A Sailor’s Tear II)

Finished too. Oil on canvas / 40″ X 50″  101cm x 127cm

LacrimaNautae_2 0


Ora (The Prayer)

Still in progress.  Oil on canvas/ 36″ x 50″ / 92 cm x 127 cm


There is a piece of poetry on the “WORDS” page, called “ORA”, accompanying this painting.

April Comes in May

oil on wood / casein and aluminum paint on wood 20″ x 30″ / 51 cm x 76 cm

AprilBack AprilFace AprilDetail

The Poet.

oil and casein on wood panels /
enamel paint on acrylic panels. 14″ 30″ 6″

The drawer will be filled with folded pieces of paper written and painted, like unsent illustrated postcards. Will unravel that at a later date.





had been updated and reshaped.
To visit, click HERE.

Buying Prints?

If you can’t resist the temptation to buy prints,
you can always go to SaatchiOnLine.

Happy 2014!


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