I have lived and worked in New York City since 1981 as an independent visual artist who divides his time between show-related artwork as a freelancer, and personal visual explorations in a variety of media. My postings here will make visible this the later part of the journey, the uncommissioned, invisible inner pursuits.

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  1. Hello, Viorel-
    Nona and I are slowly recovering from our two-fold jet lag of time and season. We fondly recall our brief encounters with you two, and are thinking of maybe getting together once again for a drink or something. I will be one of two featured poets at an open reading on Saturday, October 7, at Riverside Library (conference room to the left as you enter) which begins at 3 and goes on till 5–in case you would be interested in attending. A mob of poets will probably go to Ollie’s in the far west 70s after the event, but Nona and I would hang with you if you prefer not to go. In any case, we’d love to see you and Mariuca.
    –Art Gatti
    (As I pointed out when I gave you that origami poetry book, those are the shortest –and not necessarily the best–of my work)
    ((Excuses. excuses!))

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