Author: InvisibleStudio

Romanian-born visual artist who lives and works in New York City since 1980.

Homeric Paintings

Homeric, as in Winslow Homer, and how the dream unfolds around the ubiquitous apple. From a series about intersection, overlapping, fragmentation, and Winslow Homer quotations: peepholes into the world of this other, old, New, England.


HOMER’S WHIP GAME  19″ x 31″



HOMER’S WATCH  24” x 35” (frame)


HOMER’S RAKE  24” 35” (frame)


Sylva / In Absentia


SYLVA i  /  oil on canvas / 2017  16” x 20”


SYLVA  II /  oil on canvas / 2017  16” x 20”


SYLVA III / oil on canvas / 2017  16” x 20”


SYLVA IV / oil on canvas / 2017  16” x 20”

In the labyrinth of the forest and in lonely backyard, in deserted rooms, in silent shipyards and abandoned theaters an invisible weave its web: our unspoken thoughts suddenly materializing in fragile, fulgurant riddles, projections on the invisible screen of our absence, luminous puzzles, all behind our backs: in ABSENTIA. Turn around: they disappear. Turn back, and they resume.