Notre Dame Juggler / Fields of Gold

Notre Dame Juggler

oil on canvas /  48” x 46”





… juggler in front of Notre Dame cathedral of Paris, medieval jester reborn. Eyes closed, tracing his own music with a crystal ball ( He used one, I saw many ) sliding around his arms and shoulders like worlds in God’s imagination. Meanwhile, gargoyles lactate or howl. Targets tempt the occasional bird. Fire freezes, reveals its geometry. Crowds coagulate and dissolve in turns. Subsiding, his silhouette floats for a while, for a long while, behind the eyes: an afterimage of an afterthought.


Leon Batista Alberti / Della Pittura:

“Here is a rule: as the angle within the eyes becomes more acute, so the quantity seen appears smaller. From this it is clear why a very distant quantity seems to be no larger than a point. Even as though this is so, it is possible to find some quantities and planes off which less is seen when they are closer and more when they are further away.”

( my italics )

Fields of Gold 

oil on canvas /  21” x 25”


Collection of vintage postcards & childhood re.collections. Rural surroundings, miraculous harvest. Alchemical stone in the soil under the feet, invisible but omnipresent. Manure into gold, gold into manure, only to resume the cycle. An obscene dream: pauper walking on gold.

oil on canvas / 2017  21” x 25”


Random Leon Batista Alberti / Della Pittura

” We have said enough about the movements of animate beings; now, than, since inanimate things move in all those manners which we have stated above,( !) let us treat of them.”